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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Those who scream the loudest...

Okay, so lets talk about the immigration issue the US seems to be having...  I wrote a comment on my Facebook and thought instantly I MUST talk about this on my blog, it's all I have been talking about for months!

Ok, so here is my deal...  This is America we are ALL immigrants technically.  The only ones who really belong here are Native Americans, so the idea of letting "immigrants" into the country is how it should be.  Here is how it IS though...

A.  I speak ENGLISH, because ENGLAND started this country, therefor I shouldn't have to press a damn thing on my phone to speak with a representative.  You should speak English if you choose to live in this beautiful country.  

B.  If you live here, you must become a citizen here, and therefor should speak English

C.  If you have children and you want them to know your native tongue, great!  Totally wicked!  I'm jealous I can only speak one damn language.  But teach them shitheads English too, so I don't have to pay an extra damn teacher to sit in MY child's classroom to translate.

D.  Do NOT WAVE YOUR NATIVE FLAG AT ANYTHING, ANYWHERE IN THIS COUNTRY!  You wanna wave your flag, take your ass back to the cardboard box in which your ass came from and wave it there! OR learn English, become a citizen and wave what would then be considered YOUR flag...  The American kind....

E.  Do not bitch that your mothers, uncles, cousins, brothers, girlfriend can not come over the boarder to work illegally and then tell us AMERICANS we are being racist.  We are not being racist, we are being territorial.  Work her with a social security number, meaning...  You are a citizen, therefor English speaking and tax paying....  AND you wave an American Flag in front of your house.

Now lets discuss the Mexican government throwing a damn fit over boarder control.  YOUR NOT AN AMERICAN! THEREFOR HAVE NO RIGHT TO BITCH ABOUT WHAT THE LAW IS HERE!!!!  On the other hand, if you are "an American" you still should shut up...  They were not saying only brown skinned people needed to prove citizenship, they simply said, anyone who was thought to be foreign was to be investigated.  Reality check, YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY people who want to live in this country...  You CAN be white and/or black and still be an immigrant.  

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nothing much... Recipes...

Hmmm.....  What should I talk about tonight?  I'm in a fairly good mood today, no one pissed me off, and I haven't seen much news over that last couple of days...  Health stuff???  Maybe some recipes???  Yeah, lets do some easy recipes today....

Skinny Girl Trail Mix
~1/2 cup of unsalted peanuts
~1/2 cup of toasted almonds
~1/4 cup dried cranberries
~1/4 cup raisins
~1/4 cup dried blue berries

Mix (think that's easy enough?)

Apple Cinnamon Yogurt
~1/2 cup of warmed (as healthy as you can find it) applesauce 
~1/4 cup Fat Free Vanilla yogurt
~Sprinkle some pecans on top
~Dash of cinnamon


Orange Salmon
~2-4 (depending on how many people you are serving) filets of salmon
~Orange juice
~tsp. of ginger
~tsp. of pepper
~tsp. of garlic powder

Marinate the salmon in the OJ for at least two hours.  Drain the OJ.  Sprinkle the seasonings on the filets, top and bottom.  Bake in oven at 350 for 15 minutes or until cooked through...

Pair it with brown rice and some Asian style veggies (ie stir fry, or Asian veggie medley by Steamers)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Government "Assistance"

***DISCLAIMER~ When I talk about a controversial subject, I do think there are exceptions to every rule, so I'm not dissing anyone.  But keep in mind, if you choose to put your business out there, I do not always have to agree with your reasoning***  

Ok, so....  government assistance really pisses me off.  Not because it exists, but because of who gets it and what reasoning they will give it out for.  

For example, a man who decides to go back to school to better his and his families life, can not qualify for FASFA because 2 years ago he made too much money, or because he makes 35,000 dollars a year.  Wtf is that?  Who can live with kids, and a wife and a mortgage on 35,000 a year?  Do they take into consideration that just to MAKE that 35,000 dollars a year he has to work full time as well as his wife, plus go to school full time?  NO, hell no they don't!

I remember when I was going to cosmetology school, there was one girl in particular (who also informed the school she was going to keep having kids even though she was on welfare and food stamps because the more kids she had the more money the government would give her) that would bitch about not getting her FASFA check and she was pissed because she couldn't get her nails filled.   Then as soon as she got the check she would disappear for 3 or 4 weeks.  She failed every semester for absences and the government kept giving her financial aid!  A coarse that should of taken a year and a half to complete, took her 3 and a half years!!!  Wtf?

Now, should the single mother who's stupid/worthless husband left her and her two kids, get financial aid so she can better her life?  Absolutely!  But should she get it if she misses 43 of the 60 or so days of school?  Hell NAW!!

Now lets move on from there to financial government loans for starting a business.   We live in America and it is a great notion that some simple person can go out and get money to start a business.   But how many foreigners get AMERICAN MONEY to start their business?  Trust me it happens, I worked for a family owned restaurant who was foreign and they openly said they loved America, but they would not get citizenship here, because "They were Albanians and proud."  So this country was good enough to live in, work in and get assistance from, but not good enough to be a citizen!  What ever!!!

And what about welfare?  Again do some people need it? Yes.  But most shouldn't get it!  Meth heads skitzed out in their trailor, too blown to go get a job?  Hell no!!!  But they do.  The drug dealer, with the pimped out Impala with 22's on it?  Hell no, but they get it!!!

The government needs to have a screening process!  Drug tests, mandatory birth control, proof of at least trying to find a job, etc. etc.  And if they don't like the stipulations of the aid, tell them to get the eff off welfare and get a damn job (or two) then!!!  

I would like, if I have got to be butt raped with taxes, to at least know it's going to people who friggen deserve it!  Shit!!!  

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A wasted damn day....

Sorry to unload on you guys so fast (not that I have any follower as of yet) but I have been talking about this for months and now that I have it going I feel I have so much I want to say.

So here I am now, it's 9 o'clock and I just got both the boys in bed.  Which is normally fine, but...  Today was my first day off, I had a very busy week at the salon, and my husband started a 24 hour shift at the fire department, so I was content to snug with the boys, watch movies (i.e. cartoons), and be lazy all day.  Problem is, I now realized that me being lazy all day has bit me in my big ass.

I'm not perfect, but I like for my husband to think I'm the closest thing to perfect he'll ever see, so when he works and I'm off I bust my ass.  It's like spring cleaning once a week.  Everything I own, gets wiped, disinfected, dusted, washed and mopped, so when he gets home the house smells good and looks even better.  

So back to the problem that has now bit me ass...  I haven't done anything all day.  *I know it's illogical, but I MUST get the house clean.  Of coarse, if I didn't clean, he might cop a damn attitude, but as soon as I told him I was tired from my week (or whatever) he'd be totally understanding and let it slide.   But because of my own issues, I will not sleep unless I get SOMETHING done.  

Furthermore, here I sit, now tired, sipping on some coffee, hoping for a second wind so I can clean the house up a little, kicking my own ass the whole way through typing this blog entry, for being a lazy ass hooker.


Are all men (even the good ones) stupid?

Ok, so here I am sitting at home, watching Spongebob Squarepants, feeling overwhelmed, over worked and under appreciated.  I love my family, but as a wife who feels like she really gives her all, I would like a little show from my husband that he appreciates the damn effort.  I'll give you an example...  

I get up every morning, before everyone else, work out, drink some coffee have some me some "me" time without interrupting anyone else's life.  Then I go about normal life...  You know ladies, getting clothing for the boys, doing dishes, feeding the kids getting them dressed, taking them to daycare and getting your ass to work.  Wtf am I doing here!!!???  Oh wait, I know, taking care of my family, whom I love...  

Here is a little thing that fires me up hotter than fish grease.  Enter the husband...  One morning, I'm working out, sweating my balls off so that "the husband" keeps on thinking I'm the hottest thing since Megan Fox, and the baby,starts to cry.  Now at this point, it's not super early, maybe 7:00 or so.  Either way the damn sun is up, and the hubby knows I work out every morning.  

The baby cries for maybe 3 minutes waking my oldest,who comes down to inform me his baby brother is crying and hungry.  I, in the middle of a "Down-ward Facing Dog", ask my son to go wake Daddy up and tell him momma is busy and he needs to get the baby.  Which, bless his little heart he does, and he also comes downstairs to tell me that, "Daddy said he ain't getting up yet and to tell you the baby is crying."  

I sigh with exasperation, and ask him, from my "Cobra" position, to go back up stairs and inform Daddy that Momma is working out and he needs to get the baby. Which, bless him a second time, he does.  

And, he comes back down while I'm in the middle of my "Plank", to tell me, with his bottom lip sticking out, that daddy said "no."  GRRRrrrr....

So, I stop my work out, go get the baby, change his diaper, walk into my bedroom and scream, "HEYYY!"  

He flies up out of bed, scared to death, and asks me what's wrong.  

I just get more angry and tell him, that I am working out and to watch/feed/care for the baby.  In which he replies with a roll of his eye, "Ok, God! Why do you have such an attitude?"  

Really????  He's a wonderful man, but it seems like he doesn't have a brain between his ears sometimes.  Makes me wonder if all men, even the good ones who don't beat you/cheat on you, work hard for their family, love you and the kids, et cetera and so forth, are just as damn stupid as the mean, loser, jerks out there...


Hey I am Crystal...  I'm in my mid-20's and I realized about 3 months ago (shortly after the birth of my second) that even as loud mouthed and out spoken as I am, 9 times out of 10 I can't really say, what I want to really say. People today have made it nearly impossible to speak your mind freely with out hurting someones feelings or have some freak start quoting bible verses to you.  It's the friggin United States of America and I should be able to say what I want, but my mouth is repressed by the "politeness" that society has deemed proper.  Soooo, I started thinking about making a blog.  Half diary, getting down my everyday experiences into some kind of record, and Half soap box, getting to say what is really on my mind, without being chastised for feeling a certain way.  So here I am!  

Just for the record.  I'll keep things anonymous, but real.  I'm going to write as often as I can, but please keep in mind if you decide to follow me and my writing, that I have two (sometimes 3, when my step kid is in town) children, a full time job, and a husband who works 3 jobs and goes to school full time, so cut me some slack it I'm not on here for a week.  

I do know I need an outlet.  A place to vent, get stuff off my mind, bitch and complain, you know normal girl things...  So step on board, and join the ride...  Welcome to my life (and sometimes my brain)  

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