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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Are all men (even the good ones) stupid?

Ok, so here I am sitting at home, watching Spongebob Squarepants, feeling overwhelmed, over worked and under appreciated.  I love my family, but as a wife who feels like she really gives her all, I would like a little show from my husband that he appreciates the damn effort.  I'll give you an example...  

I get up every morning, before everyone else, work out, drink some coffee have some me some "me" time without interrupting anyone else's life.  Then I go about normal life...  You know ladies, getting clothing for the boys, doing dishes, feeding the kids getting them dressed, taking them to daycare and getting your ass to work.  Wtf am I doing here!!!???  Oh wait, I know, taking care of my family, whom I love...  

Here is a little thing that fires me up hotter than fish grease.  Enter the husband...  One morning, I'm working out, sweating my balls off so that "the husband" keeps on thinking I'm the hottest thing since Megan Fox, and the baby,starts to cry.  Now at this point, it's not super early, maybe 7:00 or so.  Either way the damn sun is up, and the hubby knows I work out every morning.  

The baby cries for maybe 3 minutes waking my oldest,who comes down to inform me his baby brother is crying and hungry.  I, in the middle of a "Down-ward Facing Dog", ask my son to go wake Daddy up and tell him momma is busy and he needs to get the baby.  Which, bless his little heart he does, and he also comes downstairs to tell me that, "Daddy said he ain't getting up yet and to tell you the baby is crying."  

I sigh with exasperation, and ask him, from my "Cobra" position, to go back up stairs and inform Daddy that Momma is working out and he needs to get the baby. Which, bless him a second time, he does.  

And, he comes back down while I'm in the middle of my "Plank", to tell me, with his bottom lip sticking out, that daddy said "no."  GRRRrrrr....

So, I stop my work out, go get the baby, change his diaper, walk into my bedroom and scream, "HEYYY!"  

He flies up out of bed, scared to death, and asks me what's wrong.  

I just get more angry and tell him, that I am working out and to watch/feed/care for the baby.  In which he replies with a roll of his eye, "Ok, God! Why do you have such an attitude?"  

Really????  He's a wonderful man, but it seems like he doesn't have a brain between his ears sometimes.  Makes me wonder if all men, even the good ones who don't beat you/cheat on you, work hard for their family, love you and the kids, et cetera and so forth, are just as damn stupid as the mean, loser, jerks out there...

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