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Monday, August 16, 2010

Government "Assistance"

***DISCLAIMER~ When I talk about a controversial subject, I do think there are exceptions to every rule, so I'm not dissing anyone.  But keep in mind, if you choose to put your business out there, I do not always have to agree with your reasoning***  

Ok, so....  government assistance really pisses me off.  Not because it exists, but because of who gets it and what reasoning they will give it out for.  

For example, a man who decides to go back to school to better his and his families life, can not qualify for FASFA because 2 years ago he made too much money, or because he makes 35,000 dollars a year.  Wtf is that?  Who can live with kids, and a wife and a mortgage on 35,000 a year?  Do they take into consideration that just to MAKE that 35,000 dollars a year he has to work full time as well as his wife, plus go to school full time?  NO, hell no they don't!

I remember when I was going to cosmetology school, there was one girl in particular (who also informed the school she was going to keep having kids even though she was on welfare and food stamps because the more kids she had the more money the government would give her) that would bitch about not getting her FASFA check and she was pissed because she couldn't get her nails filled.   Then as soon as she got the check she would disappear for 3 or 4 weeks.  She failed every semester for absences and the government kept giving her financial aid!  A coarse that should of taken a year and a half to complete, took her 3 and a half years!!!  Wtf?

Now, should the single mother who's stupid/worthless husband left her and her two kids, get financial aid so she can better her life?  Absolutely!  But should she get it if she misses 43 of the 60 or so days of school?  Hell NAW!!

Now lets move on from there to financial government loans for starting a business.   We live in America and it is a great notion that some simple person can go out and get money to start a business.   But how many foreigners get AMERICAN MONEY to start their business?  Trust me it happens, I worked for a family owned restaurant who was foreign and they openly said they loved America, but they would not get citizenship here, because "They were Albanians and proud."  So this country was good enough to live in, work in and get assistance from, but not good enough to be a citizen!  What ever!!!

And what about welfare?  Again do some people need it? Yes.  But most shouldn't get it!  Meth heads skitzed out in their trailor, too blown to go get a job?  Hell no!!!  But they do.  The drug dealer, with the pimped out Impala with 22's on it?  Hell no, but they get it!!!

The government needs to have a screening process!  Drug tests, mandatory birth control, proof of at least trying to find a job, etc. etc.  And if they don't like the stipulations of the aid, tell them to get the eff off welfare and get a damn job (or two) then!!!  

I would like, if I have got to be butt raped with taxes, to at least know it's going to people who friggen deserve it!  Shit!!!  

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