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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Those who scream the loudest...

Okay, so lets talk about the immigration issue the US seems to be having...  I wrote a comment on my Facebook and thought instantly I MUST talk about this on my blog, it's all I have been talking about for months!

Ok, so here is my deal...  This is America we are ALL immigrants technically.  The only ones who really belong here are Native Americans, so the idea of letting "immigrants" into the country is how it should be.  Here is how it IS though...

A.  I speak ENGLISH, because ENGLAND started this country, therefor I shouldn't have to press a damn thing on my phone to speak with a representative.  You should speak English if you choose to live in this beautiful country.  

B.  If you live here, you must become a citizen here, and therefor should speak English

C.  If you have children and you want them to know your native tongue, great!  Totally wicked!  I'm jealous I can only speak one damn language.  But teach them shitheads English too, so I don't have to pay an extra damn teacher to sit in MY child's classroom to translate.

D.  Do NOT WAVE YOUR NATIVE FLAG AT ANYTHING, ANYWHERE IN THIS COUNTRY!  You wanna wave your flag, take your ass back to the cardboard box in which your ass came from and wave it there! OR learn English, become a citizen and wave what would then be considered YOUR flag...  The American kind....

E.  Do not bitch that your mothers, uncles, cousins, brothers, girlfriend can not come over the boarder to work illegally and then tell us AMERICANS we are being racist.  We are not being racist, we are being territorial.  Work her with a social security number, meaning...  You are a citizen, therefor English speaking and tax paying....  AND you wave an American Flag in front of your house.

Now lets discuss the Mexican government throwing a damn fit over boarder control.  YOUR NOT AN AMERICAN! THEREFOR HAVE NO RIGHT TO BITCH ABOUT WHAT THE LAW IS HERE!!!!  On the other hand, if you are "an American" you still should shut up...  They were not saying only brown skinned people needed to prove citizenship, they simply said, anyone who was thought to be foreign was to be investigated.  Reality check, YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY people who want to live in this country...  You CAN be white and/or black and still be an immigrant.  

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