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Thursday, September 9, 2010

In a house of BOYS!

So here I have noticed, just this morning, that the testosterone levels are ridiculously high.  I have a husband, two sons and even my damn DOG is male.  Ugh...  Well, my morning has started off just friggin lovely, and I am gonna blame it all on my boys...

I got up this morning late...  I had tons of stuff to do so I was rushing.  I tried waking my husband up (who went to bed at the same time I did, but he obviously was more tired than I), to no avail.  I went running down the steps only to hit the bottom and step directly into cold dog piss (Stupid Yorkies).  I cuss silently to myself about how I despise that damn dog and go find a towel to clean up the mess.  I can't find any damn towel because of the surplus of laundry in my house and finally decide on paper towels even though I know my cheap towels are gonna get my hand all pissy.  I clean the mess up, then head to find the Germ-X...  Which takes me 15 minutes to find.

I then head off to get the coffee started only to find out that my husband hadn't fill up our coffee container up, meaning I had to dig through my pantry to find the new jug of it.  Stupid men.

Then I have to get my sons, class snack, bagged up.  Only to discover that my husband bought 3 times the amount necessary.  Actually this is my fault.  He call to ask how much he should buy, saying they had 1 pound bags, and I kept saying, "I didn't know!  Will it feed 14 kids?" and he kept saying "I don't know, will it?"  So I told him to buy 3 because I wasn't sure.  Hence, the 3 times too many...

So, I bag up the food and then go wake up the boys.  The hubby STILL had trouble getting up, and the boy was grumpy due to the  nightmare that awoke him AND me at 3 this morning (another plus to my day).  I bring the boy down stairs get him dressed only to have him start crying that his "pee-pee" hurts (he had a stiffy that wouldn't go away...  Oh yayy, the joys of being mother to a boy)

Finally getting him dress and the hubby up (he's now running around like a chicken with his head cut off.  And might I add he's irritated that he has to drop of the kiddo at school, which he has not had to do since the first day of school)  I go to pack the book bag up only to notice that Daddy had not looked through any of the boys take home stuff even though he was the one who had him AND looked through his folder.  So I yelled at Daddy/hubby and proceeded  to go the through all the boys' stuff, and sign, fold, read and praise him for the paper work.

Finally with my boys ushered out and into the car, and them off to school/work, I go to the bathroom, sit down with an exhausted sigh onto the toilet.  Only to realize that one, if not ALL, of the boys peed all over the  toilet seat...   Nice...

Hope your morning is going better that mine! ;P

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