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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brick walls

I am having some serious writers block.  I'm going to blame this on a wonderful author, who's story I just finished, The Winter Sea, by Susanna Kearsley.  It was historical fiction, (which is a genre I adore) set in the Scottish country side and is based around the events of one of the Jacobite attempts at putting James back on the throne.  There is love and heartbreak, twists turns, danger.  And how she did it is original and amazing as well.  Now I seem to have lost the inspiration to write on my vampire novel, and feel too guilty to write on all the other ones I have started. 

Now, I have a historical fiction novel started myself, as well as another fantasy book for young readers, but I am drawn to the historical fiction one after reading Kearsley's.  And this isn't a bad thing necessarily, but I am soooo damn close to having the Vamp one done, and I feel like I am taking two steps back if I abandon it 5 chapters from being completed.  

So last night I gave in to my intuition and pulled up my historical fiction, only to let the guilt of leaving the other book, rack my nerves enough that I couldn't get the true inspiration up to work on the historical one.  So then I pulled up the Vampire one and just sat there staring at the blinking cursor for 20 minutes.  Then I tried to go to bed and had insomnia thinking about both stories and their plots.  UGH!!!!!

I have never had this kind of writers block...  It's like every way I turn I'm banging my head up against very tough, very solid brick walls.  Should I just hurriedly finish the vampire one to get it done and over with, and go back when I am inspired and edit the shit out of it?  Or should I toss out the feelings of guilt and take a go at a couple of chapters on my historical fiction book? 

I know I sound stupid, but I am struggling badly.  I am wondering if I should even go as far as to stop reading a book, unless it is in the genre I am currently writing in.  I have always been scatter brained, so maybe that will help with the feeling of thudding walls on my brain....  Suggestions?

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  1. Writer's block SUCKS. I think it's a great idea that you have multiple projects going...I do the same. Usually if I've hit a wall with one story, I just move to another and see if that helps. Here's my suggestion-since you're doing historical fiction, maybe if you have a block, move to research? Then maybe you'll find something really cool and kickstart your creative juices. :) Good luck!


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