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Monday, March 28, 2011

My 27th trip around the sun

This passed Friday, was my 27th birthday.  My sister was in town and we partied, caught up, got a tattoo, reminisced...  It was great.  But, as I sat here today trying to think of something to blog about, I started thinking about my age.  I don't feel older, nor do I look older (yes I still get carded for any and everything) but maybe that is what's bothering me.  Maybe if I felt older and looked older, it wouldn't be so weird to me that quite possibly half my life is over.

I remember my mom saying that "time flies" and "It'll be over before you know it" and me responding with a very sarcastic eye roll.  But now that is different.  She was right (as she normally is)  I'll be married for 5 years in September, I'll have known my husband for 10 years in April.  My oldest son just turned five, and my youngest will turn one on Tuesday.  And if all feels like yesterday.

Before my 21st, birthday's would be these huge, life altering, monumental deals.  Now it's just another day, just another full circle trip around the sun.  I feel no different, nor do I feel better, or worse...  completely the same as I did the day before my birthday.  Part of it sucks.  To know, no matter what you end up doing, it's just another day.  Part of it is great.  The birthday becomes irrelevant, you are no older looking, you feel 18 still, everything is the same...

Ok, I think I'm babbling at this point.  Sorry for the rant, and the boring blog guys...  I'll be back soon with better stuff! ;)

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  1. I definitely know what you mean...I'll be 25 in May and I don't feel it at all. I have a younger bro and sis (both 20) and I still see them as these snot nosed heathens and I forget that my brother's old enough to serve his country and my sis is about to graduate from uni. Time does fly...the jury's still out on whether that's a good or bad thing.
    Happy belated birthday! :)


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