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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why'd you say that!?

I don't have much to say as of late, because life has been hectic to say the least.  But over the last week or so I have had some things said to, or to people around, me.  Every timethese things are said I think to myself, "Why in the F@#$ did you say that?"  Thought I would leave some examples.

1) During several recent break ups around me, I have heard the ladies say that their ex-men said, "I don't love you, and I never HAVE loved you."  It a hurtful thing to know that your going through the break up and loosing some one you care about.  Couldn't you just say, "I don't love you any more."?

2)  When you get your hair done, and you pay 100$ for a highlight that took 4 hours start to finish, DO NOT say, "This is why I only come in once every six months." apon hearing your total.  Really bitch?  Lemme break it down for ya...  That's the foil, color (both dye and developer), water, shampoo, conditioner, biosilk, and other styling products, plus electricity, making it really about 85$, divided by 4.  Which is 21$ an hour.  Now lets take the 40% out for the rental of the booth which is 8 more dollars, knocking our total down to 13$ an hour!  WHICH DOES NOT INCLUDE THE TAXES WE HAVE TO PAY!  So suck it the fuck up if you want you hair done, or do it yourself!

3)  This one was from my husband, and even though a. I asked his opinion, and b. I know he didn't mean it how it sounded, it was too funny/awful not to add.  I play on a co-ed softball league, and I asked if I was fast when I ran to base.  His response was, "Your fast, for a girl", strike number 1...  "I mean, you should have seen how slow you were when you were heavier." Strike 2, and THEN before I could even respond, "I did not just call you fat."  Strike # 3 buddy, YOUR OUTTA HERE!!!  ;)

4)  "Being that you don't really work." Said a man to a housewife....  Really?

5)  I called some one a dick for cutting me off, which was quickly followed by my 5 year old asking if he could say that.  I asked "say what?" , still pissed off from the dumb ass driver and not really paying attention.  And my son says, "Dick?"  *sigh*

Think before you speak people!!!!  : )

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  1. hahaha, I was wondering where you were. Now I know, dealing with Lame ass people. Hahaha. My hubby has gotten himself into some vocal jams like that too!


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