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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lactating with RAGE

A list of things that piss me off

1.  People who think I owe them something. ***This doesn't include money.  You/I doooo owe money*** I don't owe anyone SHIT.  The only people I MIGHT owe, is Jesus, my parents and my body.  No exceptions.  I don't HAVE to talk to you.  I don't HAVE to clean your shit up.  I don't have to watch your kids.  I don't HAVE to help you in any way shape or form.  Granted, it may help my Karma to do these things here and there, and the likelihood is, is I would be happy to do so.  But don't expect it out of me.  AND on a side note...  NO ONE OWES anyone anything really.  Example: If your husband cheats on you and then you take him back, he doesn't OWE you a diamond ring.  YOU TOOK HIM BACK!!! 

2.  Take care of your kids!  If they are hungry and you only have enough money for cigarettes or food.  Buy the God Damned food!   Don't let your kids go to strangers houses.  Guess what?  No one thinks the person they left their kids with is a pedophile.  If your kid goes to school everyday and you see them just long enough to put them in bed, spend some time with them on the weekends.  They will remember that time even if you don't.  If your kid gets arrested for stealing.  Punish them.  Beat that ass.  Something!  Don't ask them what you can do to make their life better so they won't do something like this again.  Ask them if they want to live to see tomorrow and then put their asses to work until their hands bleed.  Tuck them in bed tell them you love them, then wake them up in the morning and have them do it all over again.

3.  Acknowledge you significant other when you know they have been putting their all into something.  If they have been working 12 hour days, and going to school another 4 hours and then only getting 5 hours of sleep, every day for a month.  Tell them you're proud and you love them.  Do NOT however, let them run all over you.  If they go to work for 12 hours, come home change and leave again, while you're stuck at home with the kids (unless this is by choice.  Some people don't mind this) and you haven't done anything but work and take care of your chillen's for the last 4 months.  Step up to the plate and tell them what for!

4.  When some one is talking, the occasional interruption is one thing, but do not interrupt EVERYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF MY MOUTH.  Rude ass mother fucker...  And also do not try to one up my shit.  If I'm telling a story to a group of people, do not INTERRUPT and THEN say, " Well, that ain't shit compared to when I...."  Note to you... I will ALWAYS be cooler biatches ;)

5.  When you use a dish in my house, A) rinse it the fuck off and B) put in the dishwasher two inches from my sink!

6.  This one is to the men of the world.  Shut the shower curtain when your are done in the tub.  THEN, if your not all upset about shutting the curtain, clean the fuckin shavings from your face, and the toothpaste you spit in the sink, down the damn drain.

7.Do NOT cut me off, and if you are 75 or older, OR driving a Buick either get out of my way, drive the speed limit (as we are in the left lane), or don't pull in front of me in the first DAMN PLACE!  This goes for you too Cadillac drivers. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

American Voters and your Suck-tasticness

I am starting to think, any show where the American public votes, blows.  This will be quick, and blunt.  You bastards are, hearing impaired, visually lacking or plain out right fickle. 

Here's the deal (I am going to use Dancing with the Stars, which I do not watch, and American Idol for examples), why is it, the shittiest people always win?  Then (in American Idols case especially) there is no support for whom "the public" voted for once they win.  Example, Lee Dewyze of American Idol.  Heard anything from him since he "won" American Idol?  No?  Your kidding me, 900 million people voted for him...  Here, I'll fill you in...  You haven't heard from him because HE SUCKED!

Ok, Before I go further, no one on AI truly "sucks".  They all can sing,  but when you get down to the finally two, don't vote for "the underdog", or the cutest!  Vote for the BEST.  I couldn't fucking STAND Adam Lambert, I thought he was completely stuck on his self.  But him, or Kris Allen?  Oh what, don't remember him either?  Kris Allen was your winner 2 years ago.  And he should NOT have won.

What happened to the "Carrie Underwood's" and "Kelly Clarkson's"?  They could sing, and perform, and yes they were pretty, BUT they also could, (key word here) PERFORM!

Currently, there is Scotty "Howdy Doody" McCreery, and Lauren Alaina...  Either one is a fricken travesty to the show, but I'll bet Scotty (because he's the worst, so he'll get the "underdog" vote, and he's cute so all the little girls out there are voting for him and making their parents vote for him) wins.  I wouldn't pay .50 cents to see either of them in concert.  Good singers don't make good record deals, if they did, I could think of 30 people who should be singing and making millions.  I'm not even going to watch the last show.  I could care less, because the best doesn't win on these shows.  And actually if you wanna get technical,  it's not even about the "best singer" on this show anymore.  If so Pia, James, and Haley would have been your top 3!

And DWTS!  Hines Word!  I love him, think he's a doll, I also know (from watching him dance once or twice) is he has bare minimal rhythm, and 2 left feet.  Ughh!  Disgusting!

So, America, if shows where we vote were ever good to begin with, you have managed to take all the fun out of watching them, with your suck-tasticness.  I say this every year.  Stop letting you 10 year old, snot nosed little girl vote, and if your voting, Middle Aged, Urban America Mother....  Go get laid, and maybe the cutest won't win anymore...  THEN, Maybe we can get back to actual TALENT.  

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The BEST Night time story EVER (for kids and parents) :)

Okay, First let me thank my Wife-in-Law for posting this on her face book, I would have never even heard of it if not for her. Second, let me say, that I should have thought of this about 5 years ago, when my oldest son was colicky, gasy, and cried for hours.
 Adam Mansbach is a tired father, whom after a VERY hard time getting his baby to sleep, after a very long day decided to write a book titled "Go The [Expletive] To Sleep"  Just reading the title makes me laugh.  Throughout the book are little rhyming paragraphs with blank spots in the lines, so that when you read to your grumpy child, you can mentally put the curse word you are so vehemently wanting to say, into the book.  I say this is absolute genius, with more than a pound of grains worth of truth to it.  If you don't agree with feeling like this at some point of you parental career, then either A. You are in fucking denial, or B. You should take your ass down to the Pope and be canonized as a saint.

With both of my boys I have had those evenings where all you want is the little bastard to shut the hell up and go to bed.  I mean really, they have been up for six hours, had an eight ounce bottle, taken a bath and had a new diaper put on, and they STILL won't shut the fuck up?  What was wrong with them that day?!?!?

My husband, when the boys were under a year old would jokingly sing, "Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep so I don't beat you..." over, and over again, in a sweet and gentle voice until they would slowly drift off into sleep.  I laughed at that and I will always look back fondly at those memories.  Mansbach has embodied those feelings into a book.  The love you feel for your children is so strong that even when you want to tell them to "Shut the **** up, and go the **** to SLEEP!"  you don't.....  But that doesn't mean you never think it! 

Here is an excerpt from the book:

The owls fly forth from the treetops.
Through the air, they soar and they sweep.
A hot crimson rage fills my heart, love
For real, shut the [expletive] up and sleep.
The cubs and the lions are snoring,
Wrapped in a big snuggly heap.
You're cute as hell and smart as [expletive]
But why in the [expletive] won't you sleep?

Again, I have read this at least 10 times, and I still smile to myself at the memories of my boys's babyhood this little rhyme drudges up. 

Next time your rocking your little one to sleep and She/he is being an ass and you think to yourself that you might cry, remember this book.  Smile to yourself and embrace the memories you are making, even if at that moment you hate life, yourself, and your child.  Don't feel bad, you aren't the first that feels this way, nor will you be the last to feel that way.  And if you confide in someone how your feeling and they think your awful, either they don't have kids or you were just in the presence of a saint, and you can contact me to reassure you that you are not alone.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jealous by Nature

I am jealous by nature.  It isn't something I developed over the years, I swear it was something I was born with.  I don't really love the fact that this is how I am, but I have come to accept it.  I think this jealousy is a spawn from several different emotions, but in the long run, it all turns to jealousy.

My very first memory of being jealous, I was 2 and a half years old.  It was July of '86 and my mother had just had my little sister.  My Grandparents took me to the hospital to meet Jessica, and I was NOT excited about meeting her at all.  We went into the room, and my sister was sitting on my dad's lap and my mother, looking exhausted, was sitting up in her bed.  I remember my dad smiling and my mother looking at me with excitement and anticipation.  My mother asked me "what I thought of my new sister" and I responded with, "I hate you."  Now, don't get me wrong, I loved my sister, AND my mother (they are now and always have been my best friends), but the jealousy I felt that day was so strong I remember it 25 year later!  I don't have the slightest idea why I was sooo jealous, I was instantly loving on my sister when she came home, but at that moment?  Ugh!

The older I get, the worse my jealousy gets.  Now, I am jealous of everything, though I think it comes from a different place than it used to.  I talked to my mom about these feeling, because makes me feel awful for feeling this way towards people (especially people who are my friends and loved ones), and she told me she knew exactly what I meant, but she didn't think it was jealousy ALL the time.  She thinks sometimes it is envy.  Let me explain her point of view.

If I see someone post something on facebook about them doing or getting something I want, I immediately feel "jealous".  I am happy for them, but there is this feeling in the pit of my stomach...  She says that, because I am happy for them, it can't be jealousy, it must be envy.  What do you think?

On the other hand when my husband and I are walking through the mall and the bitch standing in front of Rue 21 gives the stare down to my man and I get all fired up, that is jealousy.  Or if I find a woman texting my hubby and I ask, "who the fuck is this bitch?"  That is jealousy.  :)

So maybe, I am jealous, AND envious by nature.  No bueno.  This is something I desperately wish I could control (I always with think some level of jealousy is healthy).  Some days are worse than others, but if I could make it simmer down, I would let it, regardless.  I'm typing this, hoping to aleave my "bad" feelings, and get some of it off my back.

Now, I do have one example that is NOT jealousy.  To the hooker at Pete's Piano Bar who sat right in front of me and hit on my man all night.  A.  I had given him a kiss and turned to face the stage and she leaned over and said, "Is that your sister?"  REALLY BITCH?  B.  You are sooooo lucky that I wasn't drinking that night.  3 more Vodka Tonics and I would have been wiping the floor with your face! and C.  You UGLY!  Did you really think you had a chance?  Even AFTER finding out I was his wife.  Did I need to pee on his leg, or what!?!?  Anyhow, this, in my opinion is not jealousy...  This is a blend of two things.  You were being a rude, disrespectful skank to me and my husband AND our marriage, and second, It's territorialism.  That's my man, so step off....

Anyhow, I love myself and all my flaws.  The inability to be on time, jealousy, envy....  Ok, maybe that's all I can think of :) What I do know is I'm not perfect physically or mentally, but I am what I am.  And that just might mean, I'm Jealous by Nature :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Can TOO Be Nice! :)

I can be a bitch.  In fact, I would say more often than not, I am one.  Actually, I almost pride myself on this knowledge.  I don't trust to often, and it takes a lot for me to actually open up for you.  If I don't like you at first site, then I probably won't like you.  I'm judgemental, and I will inevitably find a flaw in you that I can't deal with and I will, in turn, not like you.  Call me Louisiana.  In my world, your guilty until proven innocent, not the other way around.

Despite that, I really do have a heart, that is quite large and I tend to wear my emotions openly.  It's not hard to read me at all.  I cried for almost 6 hours when I saw The Notebook, and I wasn't even at the end of the movie when I started.  Every time I would calm down, I would think about Noah taking care of his sick, old wife, and I would loose it all over again.  I cry at the beginning of almost every single episode of Extreme Home Makeover and all out BAWL at the end.  When the show is over, I sit and try and think of anyone I know who needs me to call up Tye and have them build them a house.  I want to do Susan G. Koman's 3 day walk, but don't have the means, nor the time.  Hell, I cry over several different commercials at least once a day.  I'm always trying to think of ways to help someone or change the world.

Well, I think I finally have an idea.  This morning on the way to my son's school, Kidd Kraddick was one and talking about his Kidd's Kids.  Now obviously I don't have the money to donate myself, but I was thinking about doing a fundraiser where all the money goes to these kids in need.  It's basically, where the radio show raises money and sends 700 people (terminally/chronically ill kids and their families) to Disney World, as one big group.  The kids get to hang out together, and for one week they get to have friends who are like them and don't have to worry about people/other kids making them feel different.  For some families, it's the last family vacation they have before their baby passes away.  Some kids make life long bonds and finally can have a bestie outside of their family. For most families and kids, it's just about fun and making memories. 

Every year I hear Kidd and his team call a much deserving family, and give them a much deserved vacation.  Every year I get goosebumps and end up almost wrecking because I can't see through my tears.  And every year, I think "I wish I had some money to donate."  So this year I am going raise money, and think "that kid might be there because of my fundraiser, and the wonderful people I know" :)

Donate to Kidd's Kids!!!!

News on my Evil Writer Block

Soooo, I finally had a breakthrough a couple of days ago with my writers block.  I wrote some more on my Hunter novel and even a little bit on my young adult book.  Oddly enough, it was pressure that broke me out of my block.

I was having a bad day, (seems like every day is a bad one this week) and all I could think was if I could just work on my books I'd feel so much better.  It'd be one less stress to ponder over at night.  That kind of thing.  So I sat down in front of the computer, pulled up my Hunter novel and Tadaaaaa!  Instead of sitting there staring at the blinking cursor for a half hour, getting disgusted and then seriously contemplating through the damn PC out of the window, I actually wrote!  I feel so wonderful getting my creative juices flowing and I feel like I am heading in the right direction again.

On another note, I have begun to stress over the Hunter novel, which is the one that is closest to completion.  A novel consists of anywhere between 80,000 and 100,000 words, and I am sitting at about 50,000 with only 4 and a half chapters and the Epilogue to finish.  I'm trying not to freak that it's not as long as I would have liked, but that's easier said then done.  I have decided to just finish the damn thing and then go back while editing again, and add some meat in places that seem skimpy, and see what I get then.

Anyway, the point is, I am shooting to be done with it in the next two months.  I even have a photo shoot set up to get a cover done for it, in about 2 weeks.  When I finish the cover I'll post it on here for anyone interested. 

For my other peeps that prefer my funnier or more blunt blogs, I am hoping to hop back on here later today and write one up.  Bare with me!  I still have to take care of 2 rotten chillens and clean my casa.  :)

Monday, May 16, 2011


     Ok, so I am totally addicted to the TV show Sister Wives.  This show has me hooked.  The lifestyle is something alien to me and maybe that is where the curiosity come from.  But really, I think it's just wanting to know how it all works!  How do they work things out without killing each other?  Curiosity killed the cat right? 

     I love Kody.  And lets be real folks, the man has FOUR wives.  Most men can't stomach one for long periods of time!  He has to make sure they are all happy, taken care of emotionally and financially, and take care of the kids (whether his biologically or not). 

     Meri, the 1st and only legal wife Kody has, is fun and a little goofy.  She seems to be the risk taker.  She is also the one who seems to be the "take charge" wife.  She understands the kind of focus and determination that having 64 kids ;) and an ass load of responsibility her kind of lifestyle brings.  She also, from what I understand, "picked" the other wives out!  Go head girl...  What ever floats your boat!

     Janelle, the 2nd, I have to admit is my "least favorite wife", but I don't dislike her.  She works outside of the home, and seems to be a lot like me when it comes to her role in the family.  She finds that she is a better mother when she is working.  She has to work at being a good mother (as do I) rather than it be something that comes naturally.  

     Christine is the third wife and definitely the "mommy" of the group.  She likes the domesticated life, and being at home with the kiddos.  She seems to be fun loving, and set in her ways, and beliefs.

     Robin, the forth and most recently added, is quiet, and seems to be trying to find her spot still.  She is careful not to step on toes, but still tries to bring her own traditions and personality for the whole family.

     Now the reason I am writing this blog is because, I love these guys!  This is NOT my kind of life.  I am, by nature, a jealous person, and with out a doubt, I would rip a bitches hair out.  And don't get me wrong, these ladies get jealous, but no cat fights!  That in itself, to me, is amazing.  Kody dotes on each wife with one on one time and in groups.  They have normal family dilemmas and ALL the kids seem to feel loved, and show no signs of damage to this taboo lifestyle.

     In the show right now, they are facing charges by the state, and I am truly sad for these people. ***Let me just add this side note.  On the episode last night, I found out that they actually BUILD Plyg houses.  One big family room with wings branching off of it, each wing equipped with housing a wife.  If Utah doesn't want Polygamy going on then they should make sure contractors stop building these kinds of home.  You can't condone it one way and condemn it another way!***  They mind their business, and raise their children right, who fucking cares if he has 4 "wives".  They all aren't legally married, so technically they aren't breaking any laws.  Give them a break.  If they arrest this man, then where should it stop.  If a person cheats on their partner with another person for several years, will they go to jail?  Because, legally, that's all he is doing, having multiple, long term, affairs. 

    In their religious beliefs what they are doing is how things happen and that is what this whole country was based on!.  Religious freedom!  Again is this the lifestyle I would pick?  No.  Do I sometimes watch the show and think Aw Helllll naw?  Absolutely!  But when it comes right down to it, is it any of my business how the Brown's live their lives? Not at all.  They aren't breaking any laws, the kids are smart, sweet and taken care of, the wives are content, so who cares?  In my opinion, they are crazy but it seems to work fine for them :)  So, I, support their way of life, because it's what they choose.  Just as I support, gay marriage.  Just as I support love and freedom. 

     And don't get me wrong, there are times that I think to myself, if I had a sister wife, maybe I wouldn't have to work so hard :)  Yeah ok, so that's not happening, but still....  Rock on Brown Family!  To each is own!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Put the Twinkie Down Fatty!!!

Ok, I am limited on time today, but I wanted to write something about fat chicks, and me being one (and still being one) and how I am slowly changing that.

I'll never forget the day I found out I was fat.  Ok, I know what your thinking...  But I swear on all that's holy, I had no clue I was fat.  I looked in the mirror and saw hotness :)  I know that sounds like a joke, but I never said I lacked self esteem! (I blame this idea that I think I'm sexy on my mother, I love you mom, but when I was rockin a mullet, and a bucked tooth grin, you should have stopped telling me how beautiful I was)   Any way, long story short, I went to watch my lovely step-daughter in her first ballet recital, when I realized something wasn't right.  My head felt like it was gonna pop off my shoulders, the pressure was almost unbearable.  And my heart was racing up to 130 beats per minute. 

On the way home from my Wife-in-laws, I had to pull over and let my husband drive because I kept thinking I was gonna pass out.  And then several hours later, the hubbs decided to take me to the hospital.  We go and they tell me nothing is wrong with me, despite the fact I tell them I feel like I am dying.    About 5 hours after that, My beautifully caring husband takes me to a different hospital, because I feel no better, and if anything the symptoms or worsening.  They send me home as well. 

Monday swings around and I call our family doctor and tell them I need an appointment ASAP, that I think I am dying.  They get me right in. 

When my doc comes in and smiling, asks me "What seems to be the problem, Ms. Crystal?"  I burst into tears and tell her I'm dying and no one believes me!  I give her a run down of the last 3 days and she nods the whole time looking down at my medical chart.  When I get done she looks me in the eye and says, "High blood pressure is any jump in your normal blood pressure more than 20 points.  You normally run around 95/70ish and it's now 130/98 or so.  Now that's not terrible to most people, but because you run low normally you probably feel very badly."  I ask her in complete disbelief and say, "High blood pressure?  How?  No one in my whole family has it!"  And, bless her, never removing her eyes from mine she says, "Well in the last 3 months or so, you have put on about 20 lbs and I think if you loose just a little weight, your bp will fall as well."  All I could think was, If I had just put the damn twinkie down one time, I might not be in this situation.

Needless to say I went home wiped my house clean of anything that didn't say, Fat Free, Low Fat or Low Sodium and then stocked if full of the healthiest choices I knew of.  I also went out and bought the Wii Fit.  I lost 8 lbs the first week, and was taken off my meds.  I have since lost around 60 lbs and I am in any where between a size 8ish and a size 11/12ish depending on the cut and stuff.  I am still overweight and hope to eventually be to a smaller size.  Not for vanities sake, but for my health.  I always thought I was sexy!  ;)  

So now, I park away from the front of the building and walk, I work out between 3-5 days a week, I joined a co-ed softball league, and really am enjoying my new found strength, agility and energy.  I always said, if I can be fat and healthy (I love food), then I was content being fat.  But now I know I can't be fat and healthy, so smaller is good for me.  Love yourself regardless, but when your health starts to get at you because you size loose a couple pounds, you don't have to be Kate Moss to feel good!

If I can do it so can anyone!!!  Take baby steps and keep in mind I swear by the Wii Fit, I lost my first 20 lbs on that thing!!!  It's fun and easy.

And remember ladies (and gents) you can burn up to 85 calories in a half hour of love making ;)  Bow-chica-bow-woooow!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Financial Stupidity in the state of Texas

Do you ever watch the News and think, "What the hell is the the problem, if they just..." ?  Cause I do almost every single time I turn the TV on.  My current issue is one that I feel is of the utmost importance, the schools.

For non-Texan's, I will explain.  The schools are all have budget shortfalls.  What this means (from what I understand) is the federal government gives them money and then the schools get together form a budget.  This year they come to the conclusion that there isn't going to be enough money for the year, so they start firing teachers like it's going out of style.

I have a couple of issues with this.

A.  Why are the schools not getting adequate money from the government?  Do we not pay ENOUGH DAMN TAXES!?!?!  Where the hell is all our money going?  Wait, I know!  Its going to paving roads!  Not only are they about to start the MOST expensive road project EVER in America, but they are constantly, and unnecessarily paving smaller roads.  I have lived in this area 10 years and they have paved Hwy 377 like 6 times!  Really?  I have lived in Godley, for almost 4 years and little, rinky-dink Hwy 171 has been paved twice!  It would be different if the they spent the money on the smaller back roads that the 18 wheelers drive on at 100 mph.  At least they have friggin pot holes!!!  Stop wasting money on shit like that and save our damn children the embarrassment of going to college with less education then the rest of the country!

B.  I am a strong believer in the idea the ignorance breeds ignorance.  For an example, If you raise kids and your a racist, then the reality is, that your kids will also be racist.  So back to my soap box, if you cut our children's education down, you will only hurt yourselves in the long run.  It's just as important to teach the kids properly in school as it is outside of school.  We wonder why our kids go out a be nothing, well maybe it's because our education system sucks.  If firing teachers and making the classroom ratio something like 30 students to 1 teacher, isn't sucky then I don't know what is! 

So one day, when our kids are only fit to work in McDonalds, and the average per ca pita income is 10,000$ dollars a year because they weren't equipped with the skills needed to support themselves, don't cry for your grand kids.  When your old, and decrepit, sick from some terminal disease and your babies don't have the money to care for your old asses, so they toss you to the wind...  Don't say I didn't warn you!

Education is everything!  Roads, salaries for horrible politicians, and drunk, system abusing cops, should be place on the back burner!  Step up and stand up for your kids and their future.  If we don't do it and worry about it, no one will.  Least of all Governor Rick Perry's ass.....

To the Red, White and Blue

Ok, so I posted a blog two days ago about Osama Bin Laden.  I linked it to Facebook and to my Twitter account.  About an hour later, blogger said it was having some issues.  Now when I log on the blog, it's not showing the blog.  I don't know what happened to it and it pisses me off, but I am going to give every one a brief run down about what I said, in case you missed it and I can't retrieve the content.

To put it simply, I am ecstatic that Osama Bin Asshole Laden is dead.  I was in Annapolis, MD enjoying my senior year when it all went down.  In retrospect the whole world seemed to turn upside down.  My city was like a ghost town.  No one on the streets, and businesses that had never closed in 30 years were closed.  Hell even the McDonald's was shut down!  I will never forget the fear and sadness I experienced that day, and call me what you will, but I was DAMN glad that sorry excuse for a Muslim was taken down.

Congrats to the man in uniform who got the pleasure of blowing Bin Laden's brains all over his young, dumb, pretty wife.  May you never buy a shot again and if your single may you get mad ass for the rest of your life.  I wish I had been the one to pull the trigger.  I am proud.

A total of 3,497 people perished that day.  All different races, ethnicity's, religions, sexualities...  But as far as I am concerned they all innocent and all American.  I was saddened, by their deaths and for the sorrow their families had to endure, as well as for America as a whole.  It was a viciously sad day.

He may not have been the brains behind it all, but he was the face of it.  Terrorism at it's best, and now some member of OUR Armed Forces has grabbed Al Queada by the short hairs and ripped there face off...  Sounds sublime to me.

I hope Osama Bin Laden and Adolf Hitler have a wonderful time rolling around in the fiery breaths of Hell.  Douche Bags...  I am proud to be an American, proud of the soldier who ended Bin Laden's life, proud of my president who made the call to take him out, and proud of my fellow Americans for sacrificing their lives/family members day by day, just so we could get step by step closer to that maggot.

F*** You Osama Bin Laden!

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