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Monday, May 16, 2011


     Ok, so I am totally addicted to the TV show Sister Wives.  This show has me hooked.  The lifestyle is something alien to me and maybe that is where the curiosity come from.  But really, I think it's just wanting to know how it all works!  How do they work things out without killing each other?  Curiosity killed the cat right? 

     I love Kody.  And lets be real folks, the man has FOUR wives.  Most men can't stomach one for long periods of time!  He has to make sure they are all happy, taken care of emotionally and financially, and take care of the kids (whether his biologically or not). 

     Meri, the 1st and only legal wife Kody has, is fun and a little goofy.  She seems to be the risk taker.  She is also the one who seems to be the "take charge" wife.  She understands the kind of focus and determination that having 64 kids ;) and an ass load of responsibility her kind of lifestyle brings.  She also, from what I understand, "picked" the other wives out!  Go head girl...  What ever floats your boat!

     Janelle, the 2nd, I have to admit is my "least favorite wife", but I don't dislike her.  She works outside of the home, and seems to be a lot like me when it comes to her role in the family.  She finds that she is a better mother when she is working.  She has to work at being a good mother (as do I) rather than it be something that comes naturally.  

     Christine is the third wife and definitely the "mommy" of the group.  She likes the domesticated life, and being at home with the kiddos.  She seems to be fun loving, and set in her ways, and beliefs.

     Robin, the forth and most recently added, is quiet, and seems to be trying to find her spot still.  She is careful not to step on toes, but still tries to bring her own traditions and personality for the whole family.

     Now the reason I am writing this blog is because, I love these guys!  This is NOT my kind of life.  I am, by nature, a jealous person, and with out a doubt, I would rip a bitches hair out.  And don't get me wrong, these ladies get jealous, but no cat fights!  That in itself, to me, is amazing.  Kody dotes on each wife with one on one time and in groups.  They have normal family dilemmas and ALL the kids seem to feel loved, and show no signs of damage to this taboo lifestyle.

     In the show right now, they are facing charges by the state, and I am truly sad for these people. ***Let me just add this side note.  On the episode last night, I found out that they actually BUILD Plyg houses.  One big family room with wings branching off of it, each wing equipped with housing a wife.  If Utah doesn't want Polygamy going on then they should make sure contractors stop building these kinds of home.  You can't condone it one way and condemn it another way!***  They mind their business, and raise their children right, who fucking cares if he has 4 "wives".  They all aren't legally married, so technically they aren't breaking any laws.  Give them a break.  If they arrest this man, then where should it stop.  If a person cheats on their partner with another person for several years, will they go to jail?  Because, legally, that's all he is doing, having multiple, long term, affairs. 

    In their religious beliefs what they are doing is how things happen and that is what this whole country was based on!.  Religious freedom!  Again is this the lifestyle I would pick?  No.  Do I sometimes watch the show and think Aw Helllll naw?  Absolutely!  But when it comes right down to it, is it any of my business how the Brown's live their lives? Not at all.  They aren't breaking any laws, the kids are smart, sweet and taken care of, the wives are content, so who cares?  In my opinion, they are crazy but it seems to work fine for them :)  So, I, support their way of life, because it's what they choose.  Just as I support, gay marriage.  Just as I support love and freedom. 

     And don't get me wrong, there are times that I think to myself, if I had a sister wife, maybe I wouldn't have to work so hard :)  Yeah ok, so that's not happening, but still....  Rock on Brown Family!  To each is own!


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