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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

American Voters and your Suck-tasticness

I am starting to think, any show where the American public votes, blows.  This will be quick, and blunt.  You bastards are, hearing impaired, visually lacking or plain out right fickle. 

Here's the deal (I am going to use Dancing with the Stars, which I do not watch, and American Idol for examples), why is it, the shittiest people always win?  Then (in American Idols case especially) there is no support for whom "the public" voted for once they win.  Example, Lee Dewyze of American Idol.  Heard anything from him since he "won" American Idol?  No?  Your kidding me, 900 million people voted for him...  Here, I'll fill you in...  You haven't heard from him because HE SUCKED!

Ok, Before I go further, no one on AI truly "sucks".  They all can sing,  but when you get down to the finally two, don't vote for "the underdog", or the cutest!  Vote for the BEST.  I couldn't fucking STAND Adam Lambert, I thought he was completely stuck on his self.  But him, or Kris Allen?  Oh what, don't remember him either?  Kris Allen was your winner 2 years ago.  And he should NOT have won.

What happened to the "Carrie Underwood's" and "Kelly Clarkson's"?  They could sing, and perform, and yes they were pretty, BUT they also could, (key word here) PERFORM!

Currently, there is Scotty "Howdy Doody" McCreery, and Lauren Alaina...  Either one is a fricken travesty to the show, but I'll bet Scotty (because he's the worst, so he'll get the "underdog" vote, and he's cute so all the little girls out there are voting for him and making their parents vote for him) wins.  I wouldn't pay .50 cents to see either of them in concert.  Good singers don't make good record deals, if they did, I could think of 30 people who should be singing and making millions.  I'm not even going to watch the last show.  I could care less, because the best doesn't win on these shows.  And actually if you wanna get technical,  it's not even about the "best singer" on this show anymore.  If so Pia, James, and Haley would have been your top 3!

And DWTS!  Hines Word!  I love him, think he's a doll, I also know (from watching him dance once or twice) is he has bare minimal rhythm, and 2 left feet.  Ughh!  Disgusting!

So, America, if shows where we vote were ever good to begin with, you have managed to take all the fun out of watching them, with your suck-tasticness.  I say this every year.  Stop letting you 10 year old, snot nosed little girl vote, and if your voting, Middle Aged, Urban America Mother....  Go get laid, and maybe the cutest won't win anymore...  THEN, Maybe we can get back to actual TALENT.  

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