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Friday, May 13, 2011

Financial Stupidity in the state of Texas

Do you ever watch the News and think, "What the hell is the the problem, if they just..." ?  Cause I do almost every single time I turn the TV on.  My current issue is one that I feel is of the utmost importance, the schools.

For non-Texan's, I will explain.  The schools are all have budget shortfalls.  What this means (from what I understand) is the federal government gives them money and then the schools get together form a budget.  This year they come to the conclusion that there isn't going to be enough money for the year, so they start firing teachers like it's going out of style.

I have a couple of issues with this.

A.  Why are the schools not getting adequate money from the government?  Do we not pay ENOUGH DAMN TAXES!?!?!  Where the hell is all our money going?  Wait, I know!  Its going to paving roads!  Not only are they about to start the MOST expensive road project EVER in America, but they are constantly, and unnecessarily paving smaller roads.  I have lived in this area 10 years and they have paved Hwy 377 like 6 times!  Really?  I have lived in Godley, for almost 4 years and little, rinky-dink Hwy 171 has been paved twice!  It would be different if the they spent the money on the smaller back roads that the 18 wheelers drive on at 100 mph.  At least they have friggin pot holes!!!  Stop wasting money on shit like that and save our damn children the embarrassment of going to college with less education then the rest of the country!

B.  I am a strong believer in the idea the ignorance breeds ignorance.  For an example, If you raise kids and your a racist, then the reality is, that your kids will also be racist.  So back to my soap box, if you cut our children's education down, you will only hurt yourselves in the long run.  It's just as important to teach the kids properly in school as it is outside of school.  We wonder why our kids go out a be nothing, well maybe it's because our education system sucks.  If firing teachers and making the classroom ratio something like 30 students to 1 teacher, isn't sucky then I don't know what is! 

So one day, when our kids are only fit to work in McDonalds, and the average per ca pita income is 10,000$ dollars a year because they weren't equipped with the skills needed to support themselves, don't cry for your grand kids.  When your old, and decrepit, sick from some terminal disease and your babies don't have the money to care for your old asses, so they toss you to the wind...  Don't say I didn't warn you!

Education is everything!  Roads, salaries for horrible politicians, and drunk, system abusing cops, should be place on the back burner!  Step up and stand up for your kids and their future.  If we don't do it and worry about it, no one will.  Least of all Governor Rick Perry's ass.....

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