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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Can TOO Be Nice! :)

I can be a bitch.  In fact, I would say more often than not, I am one.  Actually, I almost pride myself on this knowledge.  I don't trust to often, and it takes a lot for me to actually open up for you.  If I don't like you at first site, then I probably won't like you.  I'm judgemental, and I will inevitably find a flaw in you that I can't deal with and I will, in turn, not like you.  Call me Louisiana.  In my world, your guilty until proven innocent, not the other way around.

Despite that, I really do have a heart, that is quite large and I tend to wear my emotions openly.  It's not hard to read me at all.  I cried for almost 6 hours when I saw The Notebook, and I wasn't even at the end of the movie when I started.  Every time I would calm down, I would think about Noah taking care of his sick, old wife, and I would loose it all over again.  I cry at the beginning of almost every single episode of Extreme Home Makeover and all out BAWL at the end.  When the show is over, I sit and try and think of anyone I know who needs me to call up Tye and have them build them a house.  I want to do Susan G. Koman's 3 day walk, but don't have the means, nor the time.  Hell, I cry over several different commercials at least once a day.  I'm always trying to think of ways to help someone or change the world.

Well, I think I finally have an idea.  This morning on the way to my son's school, Kidd Kraddick was one and talking about his Kidd's Kids.  Now obviously I don't have the money to donate myself, but I was thinking about doing a fundraiser where all the money goes to these kids in need.  It's basically, where the radio show raises money and sends 700 people (terminally/chronically ill kids and their families) to Disney World, as one big group.  The kids get to hang out together, and for one week they get to have friends who are like them and don't have to worry about people/other kids making them feel different.  For some families, it's the last family vacation they have before their baby passes away.  Some kids make life long bonds and finally can have a bestie outside of their family. For most families and kids, it's just about fun and making memories. 

Every year I hear Kidd and his team call a much deserving family, and give them a much deserved vacation.  Every year I get goosebumps and end up almost wrecking because I can't see through my tears.  And every year, I think "I wish I had some money to donate."  So this year I am going raise money, and think "that kid might be there because of my fundraiser, and the wonderful people I know" :)

Donate to Kidd's Kids!!!!

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