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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why Ladies? Why!?

You know, I'm a woman.  And I really do think we are the smarter, emotionally stronger, more caring sex...  But I am beginning to doubt that.... I'll make this short and to the point.

When did it become necessary to have a damn man in our lives to make it complete?  Why do we need the bullshit to feel complete?  Why, when we finally decide that we are unhappy in our marriages, do we stick it out and wallow in our self pity?

I just don't get it!

I don't get the necessity to have a man.  The "want to" sure, but the need?  I mean some of my favorite times were when I was single.  No one to answer to, clean up after, argue with...  I mean, sounds fabulous, right?

And what about when we realize we are unhappy in our marriage?  To me, this is a time to get a plan, get a fucking clue....  Don't go home and wallow...  Work more hours, save money, get your shit in order and then when the time is right LEAVE!  You are woman!  You are strong! And you damn well can be independent and successful!  Don't sit around waiting for him to change, or fix things.  It ain't gonna happen.  And another thing, you can bet your ass that if your husband wanted a divorce he would a) Cheat on you or b) Ask for a damn divorce and move the hell on!

Now, from personal experience, should this time still be hard? Yes.  Should you be sad? Yes.  It's an end to a (how ever long) relationship, but is it the end of your life... NO! It's just another chapter of your book finished.  When my last "break-up" began, I was devastated.  I cried everyday for three weeks.  But my ass went to work, put on a happy face and made money.  I had a child to raise and refused to let this ruin me and my boy.  I worked harder than ever and by the 4th week I had a plan, and confidence to survive.  I was going to get me a place and move the hell on.  I mourned, but I remained strong.  He was NOT going to bring me down.

I see so many women shut down.  Quit their jobs, stick out a shitty marriage, and be depressed...  It's awful.  Why quit your job?  You're gonna need money and stability!  Why stick it out?  Your going to be a better parent and person if your happy.  Why be depressed?  You're not dying.  Sadness, sure...  Depression?  He's not the only man on the planet who can treat you well or love you.  There are like 7 BILLION fish in the sea.

PLEASE ladies, wake the hell up!  You CAN survive with out him; you are beautiful, strong, and smart.  There are other men, there is money other than in his wallet, there is happiness outside of your front door.

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