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Monday, September 12, 2011

At home remedies

Ok, I'll say it...  I'm a hippie.  But I'm also broke, there for I love at home remedies!!!  I know a billion and five and use them all often.  I decided to write up some I have used and know work, for ya'll.  Please if you know of any that I might like, let me know.  Despite what the doctor says, I do NOT need a pill to fix EVERYTHING!!!

Upset tummy:  This includes mild heart burn.  Mint!  If I get a belly ache, or an unsettled stomach I'll suck on a mint.  If it's really getting to me, I'll eat a large York Peppermint Patty.  The upset belly is gone almost instantly!  One of my favorite things to do when my kiddos have upset tummy's is make lemonade and put a little peppermint in it.  (either by extract or shredded mint leaves)  They love it and it settles their belly's as they drink it.

Pink Eye:  Johnson's and Johnson's No Tears Baby Shampoo will clear up pink eye (and prevent the rest of your family from getting it) in 2-3 days.  Now this doesn't work for all cases.  Bacterial Pink Eye will not be cured by this.  Most Pink Eye is caused by dirt, feces, and other foreign bodies entering the eye and changing the pH levels in the eye.  And, low and behold, the shampoo has perfect pH.  You can apply two ways.  3 oz of water and 3 drops of shampoo mixed up and dropped into the eyes, 2-3 times a day.  Or you can take a nose sucker (I have no clue what they really called) fill the inside up with water and drop 1 drop of the shampoo down into the water, shake the bulb, and spray (gently) into the eyes.

****Ok boys.  This is a WARNING.  This is about "girl" stuff and may gross you the eff out, so to continue reading, skip this next paragraph****

Yeast Infections:  Believe it or not.  MOST yeast infections can be cleared up with Garlic.  You can take garlic pills (found in most grocery stores or pharmacy's) dissolve 3 into a cup of water and douche with the garlic water once a day for 3 days.  That will get rid of it.  Also, you can do this once a week to prevent them, if you are getting the infections often. 

High Blood Pressure:  These are tips to help with the high bp.  It does NOT cure anything and if your blood pressure is high you should always talk to a doctor first.  But to keep mine from shooting up here and there due to stress and other things, and protect my heart as much as I can, I take fish oil pills daily.  Fish oil has been proven to assist with a lot of problems with the heart, as well as help you prevent yourself from ever getting them.

Also, water helps a bunch.  The more you pee, the better.  Every time you need to urinate your blood pressure shoots up, and afterwards it'll fall.

Oily face/acne:  Make your own face mask, using a table spoon of sugar, an egg white, a dab of toothpaste, and lemon juice from half a lemon, mix and, Taa-daaa!.  The sugar exfoliates the skin, the egg white has 2 positives.  A. It dries and that makes the mask, a "mask" and B. It also has a drying agent in it, helping dry extra oil up on your face.  The menthol in the toothpaste opens you pores and the lemon juice sucks your face dry of oil and toxins.  Use daily until the pimples/problem is cleared up and then use at least once a week to maintain the pretty skin.  If you have dry skin and acne you can also use this, by just lowering down on the acidy fruit.  Instead of a lemon, use a strawberrie or two.  Let me just add...  I have seen this work on terrible cases of acne.  Doctors, and Proactive....  None of that stuff worked.  But my mask sure did :)

Ok, my hands are starting to hurt and I have to clean, so that's all I got for today.  But I'll continue to do other blogs like this if any one is interested. 

All I can say is they work, and this self proclaimed hippie, loves these remedies!

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