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Monday, September 26, 2011

Morning's light

I sigh in the silence blissfully
steam from my coffee flying.
The quiet echos beautifully
Night is slowly dying.

Peace bounces off the new suns rays
Orange, magenta, purple, azure...
The plants reflect new mornings haze
The coming day remains unsure.

Soon my babes will arise
with smiles and golden hair,
a new dawn in their eyes.
Their radiance will pulse and flare

I will nurture them on
and watch as their minds expand.
"Don't be life's pawn,
Your hold it in your own hand."

In the mornings gentle grace.
I think of my loves smile.
His tenderness, his face.
To hold him, it's been a while.

I raise up from my seat
To begin the new, lovely day.
I stand strong on my feet
and there I will stay.

Till the night comes with its own turn
and darkness wraps around me.
Till my dreams bubble and churn
and I awake to a new sun to see....

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